The Khaloom team is ready to reweave the future


Nanditha Sulur

Nanditha is a textile engineer and a textile designer who grew up and is currently still based in Bangalore. She completed her graduation in 2001 from Bangalore and her post graduate diploma in textile design in 2005 from Ahmedabad. As a freelancer she worked for several traditional handloom organisations, as well as a number of commercial companies as employee. Her current job is textile designer at a start-up by the name of Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore.

Unlike the name would suggest, this company runs a brand by the name of IMARA, which is a women’s brand for modern Indian clothing.

Nanditha is married and has two children. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam. Nanditha is part of the Khaloom team per end of July. She is responsible for the operations and part of the creative team of Khaloom.

ram sellalu

Ram Sellalu

Ram is a textile designer who grew up in Chennai, South India. She has been designing textiles under both export and retail set ups for the past ten years. She has been associated with the handloom industry since 2012 under different companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations and trust, two of which were exclusively Khadi (handloom) projects.

Since 2015 she has been working as a designer with Fabindia, being responsible for the design and sales. Ram is fluent in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.She will join Khaloom per the end of August. Ram will be responsible for sales, textile design and garment design.


Prasanna Colluru

Prasanna has been part of Khaloom from the start. Prasanna has eight years of experience in the textile industry, after which she pursued her MBA.

Prasanna grew up in Visakhapatnam in South East-India, graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi in 2008. After graduation, she worked in design and product development functions for Colorplus, Ogaan and Raghavendra Rathore (a leading Indian designer brand) during which she became interested in the business aspect of the textile industry.

Prasanna joined an MBA program at the Rotterdam Erasmus University in 2013. After graduation, she joined Enviu where she co-founded her brainchild Khaloom. Currently she is based out of Rotterdam and is on behalf of Enviu part of of Khaloom, mostly focusing on the strategy, fundraising and design.


Rubie van Crevel

Rubie supports Khaloom from ENVIU’s HQ in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Rubie is graduated in both Political Sciences and Environmental Sciences. She became passionate about sustainability after cycling 4000 km through South America, in which she was shocked by the amount of waste and pollution attributed to modern life styles. She is a former eco-consultant, and did multiple research projects about the challenges and opportunities to realise a circular economy in emerging economies. She joined Khaloom in March 2017 and heads sales in the EU.

Jesse van de Zand

Jesse supports Khaloom from ENVIU’s regional Quarter in Bangalore (India). Jesse is graduated in law and adopted an entrepreneurial mind-set while being CEO of Janta Meals, a start-up once found by ENVIU. After launching Janta Meals, Jesse did not want to leave India, and returned to ENVIU to launch more impact-driven companies! Jesse is experienced in setting up lean-businesses in India, and is great in finding creative solutions for the many challenges a start-up faces. He is the project lead of Khaloom.