Reweaving the future

Khaloom is reweaving the future of the global textile industry by turning its challenges into opportunities.

We are working on turning the extreme amount of post-production textile waste into high-end fabrics. This should lead to relatively low material costs, allowing us to provide decent wages to our employees. Worldwide approximately 15% of all fabrics end up as cutting waste, eventually thrown into landfills. India is the world’s second largest textile manufacturer, facing an increasing amount of textile waste. The Indian textile industry also has a long history of poor pay and working conditions. There are 4.3 million handloom workers, competing with mechanization. Currently 57% of weavers are below the poverty line, and almost 80% are in debt. The majority are women.

Khaloom is reweaving the future with these facts.

Every 1 million meters of Khaloom’s up-cycled fabric, in 2025 we will produce 5 million annually

Makes over 557,000 shirts
Keeps 150,000 kg of textile waste from going into landfills
Changes the lives of over 1,000 families for the better
Saves 1504 million liters of water (this is twice the amount Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Egypt drink in a day!)