We Are Khaloom

Khaloom is an India based textile design and production house that offers sustainable and recycled hand woven fabrics.

Khaloom was founded in 2017 by Enviu and Sympany, with the twin motive of creating a social and environmental impact. Enviu is an international venture building studio that builds world changing ventures with the mission to bring systemic change. Sympany is a Netherlands based innovative recycler and textile waste collector, who invests its profits in starting new projects that contribute to a sustainable textile industry.

We work with the deepest sense of respect for the artisans by celebrating their culture, traditions and values. Perfect imperfection is the key to Khaloom’s aesthetics. The fabrics being hand woven possess a unique look that remind us of the beauty found in nature.

Our vision is to preserve the craft of handweaving by creating new age employment opportunities for the weavers.

The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries and Khaloom is doing its part to nudge it towards circularity, reduce wastage and promote the use of recycled and upcycled textiles. We need to reduce the load on virgin materials, resources and on landfills.

Khaloom stands for an open hiring policy based on people’s qualities and capabilities and not their gender, religion or caste. We pay our employees fair wages and maintain a cordial and happy work atmosphere.


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