100 meters of Khaloom fabrics means

Khaloom's ethics

Khaloom is an impact-driven business with a unique impact story, valuing  both social and environmental sustainability. Khaloom uses traditional handlooms as a means to recycled yarns into high-quality fabrics hereby practicing a locally embedded and culturally relevant model towards a socially fair and circular textiles sector. Below you will find our impact indicators.

Gender Equality

We hire people based on their qualities, not on their gender, religion, or caste.

Most fabric suppliers in India are led by men. Nanditha and Ram serve as role models by proving that  fabric suppliers can be successfully led by women.

We use cutting waste as our main resource.

We use handweaving, a culturally-rooted production manner, to upcycle recycled yarns into high-quality fabrics. Handweaving is perfect to upcycle small quantities of waste and is an energy-neutral production manner. We create little waste ourselves by producing customized/ personalized fabrics.

Circular Economy

Fair Wages

We pay our weavers fair living wages.

We pay our weavers 2-3 times the minimum wage of India. While more than 51% of the weavers receive less than half of the minimum wage in India. We offer our weavers fixed contracts and benefits such as health insurance and pensions. All together we currently employ 18 men and women, working 8 hour days for 6 days a week.

Our handlooms do not require electricity.

The production process of our fabrics requires only manpower, where as machine looms can require up to 126 kwh which can equals up to 93 KG of CO2 emissions.

c02 Neutral

Fair Wages

Our weavers are proud of their work.

By using hand weaving for our fabrics Khaloom is preserving skills passed down for generations. The weavers enjoy their work more than working operating machinery. Our weavers acquire and master an actual skill, rather than operating machinery, which is made highly relevant for a circular textiles economy.

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