Suittruck x Khaloom bring to life 50 exclusive sustainable suits

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We are bringing to life only 50 handmade, 100% recycled, individually tailored suits. Hand woven out of waste. Brought to you by Khaloom together with the tailoring master on wheels, Suittruck.

Bundling experience & expertise

Khaloom has previously collaborated with world-class designer Ronald van der Kemp to create an iconic dress for the Dutch Minister Kaag, and with the innovative suit expert Suit Supply to design a tailor-made suit for the Dutch Minister Bruins. Suittruck is not shy of public figures either. The disruptive Arjen Lubach, creative Lucas Hamming, and tough Pete Philly are regular customers of the traveling tailor.

A suit with a world-changing story

These limited edition suits are handmade from Khaloom’s hand woven and recycled fabric. We use the force of impact-driven entrepreneurship to set a new norm for the global fashion industry. By hand weaving high-end fabrics out of textile waste.

With this collection we want to enable everyone to look sharp in a zero-waste suit. If this collection is a success Khaloom can become a part of Suittruck’s fixed collection and supply to the mainstream market. These 50 suits are the fuel for acceleration to a circular economy.

The clothing industry and how Khaloom and Suittruck do it differently, while still ensuring quality

The textile industry is the most polluting industry after oil and gas. Worldwide 92 million tons of textile waste is created annually. 16% of this is post-production waste, and 85% ends up in the ever fast growing landfills. And only a meager 13-15% of textile waste is recycled, of which mostly to low-value products such as mattresses and isolation material. We’re proving that the textile value chain can be more sustainable through entrepreneurship, innovation and cooperation.

At Khaloom, post-production and clothing waste is a source of material. Hand weaving, a process rooted in Indian culture, is used to transform recycled yarn into high-quality fabrics. Hand weaving requires zero energy, nor emits CO2. Only man power. By using recycled yarn Khaloom also saves more than 126,000 liters of water.

Suittruck ensures that fewer clothes are thrown away because of their approach. Many new clothes in stores are burnt or thrown away at the end of each season. Suittruck shows that this is unnecessary. With custom-made clothing, they only produce what is bought. With their truck they drive to the customer’s door, do a full-body scan to retrieve the right measurements, and the customer chooses the fabric, buttons and all the design options. The sizes are then stored in an online profile, so that the customer can easily order a new item online later!

Will you be wearing one of the 50 sustainable suits?

Send an email to Khaloom’s Partnership Manager for more information or to make an appointment!

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